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Propagation In Vitro of Rose

David R. Wilkowske* - Department of Horticulture, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN  55108.

Abstract 474 - Collegiate Branch Forum II

Photo of PersonCultured lateral buds from greenhouse-grown rose (Rosa hybrida L. cv. Forever Yours) proliferated multiple shoots using McGown's Woody Plant Medium (WPM) supplemented with 6-benzylamino purine (BA) at 2.0 mg/liter and naphthalene-acetic acid (NAA) at 0.1 mg/liter. A 3-fold multiplication of shoots was achieved from freshly explanted lateral buds after 4 weeks. Reculture of the 4 week old explants onto WPM (without NAA) resulted in a 3-6 fold increase 4 weeks later. Longer shoots were then transplanted into a potting soil and placed in a high humidity growth chamber for 3 weeks after which rooting was achieved on 20% of the shoots.

Propagation In Vitro of Rose. HortScience A publication of the American Society for Horticultural Science. Vol.16, Number 3, June 1981, page 100 - Abstract #474.

* David R. Wilkowske was an undergraduate working on a class project for the graduate level course Research Methods in Plant Propagation at the University of Minnesota. ________________________________________________________________

In August, 1981 Dave presented a paper in the Collegiate Branch Forum on tissue culture at the 1981 American Society of Horticultural Science Annual Meeting held that year in Atlanta, GA and hosted by the University of Georgia. With the guidance of Dr. Paul Read at the University of Minnesota, Dave Wilkowske was able to successfully clone the Forever Yours Rose via tissue culture.


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