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This website was launched on June 2, 2000

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Everything is on hold for now pending further funding.

As of Dec. 25, 2002 this website is nothing more than a concept.

Hortexch was not supposed to be a typical .com commercial horticultural website. There are probably a lot less around two year's after the tech sector meltdown in April 2000. Our currency is global horticultural information about best practices and scientific breakthroughs. 

One long-term goal back in 2001 prior to 9/11 was to become a Collaborative Value Network that would connect information technology (I/T) solutions with horticulture to develop new markets for I/T products and services. It seemed that B to B websites and tech was still alive in early 2001 despite the meltdown in 2000. But 9/11 was really much worse than anyone ever anticipated since millions of U.S. based tech jobs were lost as an indirect result. This sped up the pace of offshore outsourcing to India.

Hortexch could have been the bridge to create a global village of horticulturists which would have allowed every horticulturist to mutually benefit from the latest developments in the horticultural industry. The result would have been an international collaboration of best practices, and scientific exchanges. The primary mission of Hortexch was to take horticultural scientific breakthroughs and apply them in a practical manner for the global commercial horticulture industry as well as horticultural research institutions at various universities and arboretums worldwide. Also the sharing of best practices from a business perspective for various horticultural enterprises was another potential goal.

No one country on earth should have an exclusive right to disseminate or control horticultural information. We should all share in our information and technology as a global collaboration much in the same way that the global physics community has done. This was the original purpose of today's Internet; it was to allow the high-speed transfer of data and information from high-energy particle physics experiments amongst physicists from around the world. As Peter Urbain of IBM Global Services said a few years back "The Internet is a glorified database with graphics and text. It is a new channel of distribution". Thus, the old way of presenting databases has evolved into search engine driven business paradigms.  

Plant LifeHortexch at one time might have been the catalyst for change in the global horticultural industry. Relevant changes that are occurring in the global horticulture industry with regard to the latest horticultural advances from a commercial production, scientific, services, and information technology standpoint could have been funneled through the Hortexch web portal. 


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