SELECT ep.schedstatus, bk.LDate, ce.Comments, c.clientid, 
c.LastName,es.EvStrName 'Run', 
ep.City 'P/U City', p.polyname 'P/U County',
ed.City 'Drop-off City',
ed.AddrName 'Facility Name' 
FROM Events ep, Events ed, EventStrings es, Clients c, 
BookingLegs bl, Booking bk, polygons p, address a,
ClientEligConditions ce 
WHERE ep.schedstatus = 3 AND ep.SchId > 288 and ep.SchId < 654 
AND ed.SchId = ep.SchId AND ep.Activity = 0 AND ed.Activity = 1 
AND ed.BookingId = ep.BookingId AND es.SchId = ep.SchId 
AND es.EvStrId = ep.EvStrId 
AND c.ClientId = ep.ClientId 
AND ep.ClientId = ce.ClientId
AND bl.LegId = ep.LegId 
and a.AddrType = CH
and c.DateofBirth > 19871231 and c.DateofBirth < 19940101 
and a.jurispolyid in ('3', '4','7','43','66') 
and a.jurispolyid = p.polyid 
AND ed.BookingId = bk.BookingId 
ORDER BY c. DateofBirth, p.polyname, bk.LDate, es.EvStrName
  Management Report Summary
Here are the numbers everyone has been waiting for:

The date filter shows 23 prenatal clients transported in the
age range of 14-17 years old during the 2005 calendar year. 
A total of 255 trips were made in 2005 by these 23 clients, some had 
more trips than others. 



Structured Query Language (SQL)

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